Sunday, December 28, 2003

A Disclaimer

Just to let y'all know, although I am an English major, taking off to study in one of the most prestigious University Cities, I make no claims of being an expert of grammar (sorry, Dirk, Ms Luyt). My deep apologies for the mistakes to be found.

Eleven Days and Counting...

In exactly 11 days, I shall find myself seated on a plane next to the honourable Sam Martin, along with Joel, Heidi and Tina, hovering somewhere over the east coast of Canada. En route to England. For those of you who may not be aware, I, Jenn Van Breda, am embarking on a journey which includes living in England for four months, studying at an associate Oxford University, reading in the Bodleian Library, witnessing Shakespearean productions in Stratford-Upon-Avon and the Globe Theatre, and traveling the British Isle. Sounds quite pretentious, does it not? I assure you, it isn't anything of the sort. When I find a bit of time, I'll write a wee bit about the town in which I'll be making my home, Charlbury.
For now, though, I must concentrate in getting my act together in my remaining time at home- there are many things to be done (including obtaining out of country health insurance, a Brit Rail pass, a battery for my laptop, and then pack and decide on an ISU topic that will be suitable for England studies-any ideas?), and quite little time to do it all. I fly out on January 8, but I will be leaving this fine city of Belleville on the 3rd at some point, and have many plans to carry out before then (making gingerbread houses with the girls, visiting a very dear family for which I spent much time babysitting before Redeemer days, making merry with my d26 ladies (of last year) and some phenomenal people from BC over New Years).
So. These upcoming days shall be packed full of fun and excitement, and I shall work on reducing the stress so that I may begin to get pumped up for the experience.
My wonderful and intellectual friend Rob J set me up with this whole site so that I might convey to those back in Canada what I'm up to in England, many thanks, Rob J. I'm not quite sure what kind of access to the internet I'll have once I'm in England, but I will do my best to update regularly. I do not promise any sort of intellectual postings; philosophical ponderings will not be found here. Instead, I intend to post thoughts and reactions from happenings from day to day, descriptions of my surroundings, and occasionally, entries that tend to run off on tangents that have nothing to do with anything.
Enjoy, and I shall miss you all!