Thursday, January 01, 2004

CHARLBURY: home for the next 4 months

Athlough a fairly small country town, the manor of Charlbury was founded in Anglo-Saxon times. It was granted the status of “town” over 300 years ago–before Oxford. It is located in the Evenlode Valley, about 16 miles North-west of Oxford. The town central street plan has remained unaltered since the Middle Ages, and most of the houses in the older part date from the 18th and 19th Centuries. One of the churches located in Charlbury is St Mary’s, which is partly Norman, but mostly 13th and 14th century. (A little bit older than the CRC churches most of us are accustomed to attending!)
“Charlbury is ideal for rambles on bridleways, rights of way, and other marked walking paths, but you had better beg, borrow or buy a pair of Wellies if you’re venturing out after a recent rain. These walks will take you along ancient Roman tracks, Saxon ditches, and the Wynchwood Forest for a fascinating experience of natural history.”
Thanks to the ABU study programme folks for the information!

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