Thursday, January 01, 2004

Did you know?

When conversing about the weather, the main thing is to complain that it’s too hot or cold or wet or whatever. When confronted with an incontestably beautiful day, the correct phraseology is, “Lovely day, isn’t it? Can’t last, though.” –Oh how optimistic!

The English pronounce “Worcestershire sauce” as “Wooster sauce,” “Feathersonehaugh” as “Fanshaw,” and “St John” as “Sinjin.” Funny how even though I’m going to England, an obviously English speaking country, I still have to learn a new language!

If you step on a true Englishman’s foot, he will say “I”m so sorry” before you have time to apologise, thus exposing your bad manners and lack of breeding. Maybe I’ll just stick to stepping on Sam’s feet.

Food comes in interesting combinations with interesting titles... “Toad in the hole” refers to pork sausages in pancake mix, “Spotted dick” is a dessert consisting of suet pudding with currents and raisins, and if you ask for “Bangers and mash,” you’ll be served sausages and
mashed potatoes. The latter sounds the most appealing to me.

I think I’m in for all sorts of adventures. Bring it on! 7 days from now I’ll be on my way to the airport. Three days from now I’ll be back in Hamilton. I’d better start packing!

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