Thursday, January 22, 2004

January 20-- Evensong at Christ Church

Instead of heading to the library to study this evening, Tina, Joel, Sam, Cara and I decided to make the most of the culture we're surrounded by and go to Evensong at Christ Church college. This was one of the best decisions that I have made since arriving in this country. The cathedral in Christ Church is breathtaking. (I know, Rich, you could probably tell me ones that surpass this one, but I have yet to visit those) Rather than having the seats facing the front, they are parallel with the aisle, at which I'm still a little puzzled. There is only three or four rows of benches on either side of the aisle, and behind that, standing room, I guess. The aisle (nave?) is phenomenally long, and the benches line it all the way to the front, where there is a triptych. We took our seats and the organ played while a few more people came in; there was only about 30 people, at the very most, that were there. The choir was breathtaking. It was an all boys choir, ranging from just over two feet to over six feet in height...
I'm so grateful that our choir sang the evensong at Dr Bowen's church last year, I appreciated the songs just that much more, having had to learn how to sing the psalm and the Magnificat and Nunc Dimintus. Redeemer choir, be thankful that you didn't have to learn the psalm they sang tonight, it lasted for about ten minutes, I kid you not. And just think, it took us a couple weeks to learn one psalm, they do a new one everyday! It really blew my mind.
These little boys that were in the choir sang so earnestly and because we were so close if I looked at one I could tell which voice was his, and they were so ...pure and clear. Phenomenal. It takes a little bit of the surrealism away when the start wiping their noses on their sleeves and whatnot, but it was incredible nonetheless. Tomorrow we're going to Magdalene College for the evensong, and after that we decided that we should probably stick to going only once a week, or
all our evenings will be in evensongs and not studying at the Bodlian. Which I wouldn't mind at all, but unfortunately, I'm not here to soley attend evensongs. By the by, how's the Redeemer Choir tuning up this semester? Going to be ready for the Intervarsity Choir Festival?
Today Sam said to me, 'Jenn, I think you're my arch nemesis.' And refused to explain himself. The best comment he's come out with, by far, I would have to say, happened on Saturday: 'I understand the Hobbits much better now, having been here a week.

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