Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Two more sleeps

Mission at the end of this four months: Get together with other Redeemer Oxford students and create some sort of a package for Redeemer students hoping to do this programme in the future. Little things that we haven't been told are becoming fairly important in the last few days... For instance, unlike American currency, British pounds are not really kept in banks-- they must be ordered from the Mint, which takes ten days. Who knew? Fortunately for us, we found a bank that seems to have an abundance of pounds. Anyhow, International student cards have been bought, BRITRAIL passes have been ordered, money has been exchanged, Independant studies are being organized, and rides are being worked out to the airport for Thursday afternoon. As much as I am passionate about snow, I will be praying that none comes on Thursday to interfere with our flight out.
One thing that I will be sad to leave- I just learned how to play Settlers of Catan this past week, and won't be able to play for the next eight months, probably. Although, since I don't have classes this week, I managed to squeeze in a game yesterday-and Ben, a new comer to the game, cleaned up. *sigh*
I have been informed by the prestigious Don Russel from Financial Aid that when we travel to Scotland, we are to get off the train in his hometown, spit on the ground, and say, "this is for Don Russel!!" Consider it done, Don.

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