Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Am I that Scary?

So, I was sitting in class this afternoon before our lecture, and I asked Joel if our break was in two weeks, to which he answered 'yes,' and then if our break was in three weeks, and the answer to this was also 'yes.' When I questioned him on his positive answer to both questions, he replied, 'I'm just agreeing with you because that's what seems to be best in most cases.' Hmm. How does one respond to that?
Tickets for Spain are now booked! I'm so excited about going! We're traveling to the south-east coast of Spain to the city of Alicante, where Tina has a friend from Canada who's willing to share her apartment with us for a week. The plans for the week are not big, and they're not complicated: we're going to relax, walk through the markets, sit on the beach.... The temperature should be about 15-20 C, so we've decided that we have to go swimming at least once, but beyond that I think I'll just take a book along. None of this rushing from here to there, trying to pack everything in that we can see-- just kind of live there for a week. Do you think it would be difficult for a Dutch girl to look like she fits in in a Spanish city? hmm.
Dr Loney is going to be arriving in Charlbury on Saturday afternoon, which all of us Redeemer students are quite excited about. Of course, his arrival marks a week of two lectures of day, which we've not had since our first week here, but that can be overlooked. On the day marked Valentines, our group is having a group supper and then an 'evening of entertainment.' The most exciting part of the entertainment is that Freddy Jones, a member of the RSC and quite a famous British actor (so I'm told) will be doing some readings of Shakespeare's sonnets. The less exciting part is the part where we, the students, have to get up and do our own little thing, recite a poem, sing a song, do a skit, etc, all, of course, on the theme of LOVE. (Now I'm curious, why do you think that they would have that as the theme?) Granted, it should be fun, but I have this little streak of independence/defiance in me: when something fun is made mandatory, I have a very strong urge to refuse to participate. Isn't that awful? I haven't decided what I'm going to be doing yet, most likely a reading of some sorts. Any ideas? Any? At all? I welcome them with open arms.
I finished my first paper yesterday. Considering the fact that it's not actually due until April 5, I think that it's quite the accomplishment for me! (and those of you that have lived with me, or next door to me, or had me in their class, will know that it is, indeed, an accomplishment!)
Oh, right. Supper last week. Our host invited Tina and myself to dine with her last Monday, and it's almost ironic, the meal that she prepared. It was a dish that contained: a)fish b)peas c)rice d)mushrooms. And that's about it. Again, those who know me should be quite proud that I ate a large serving of it and finished everything I was given. (and for those of you who aren't aware and care, I'm really not fond of any of those foods on their own, much less in combination with eachother....) I must say, though, I'm getting to be quite talented at eating the 'English' way. They use their forks upsidedown, piling the food onto the back of the fork with the knife, as opposed to just scooping it up. Strange, but I think I can almost do it and look somewhat refined now. In the beginning I must say, I was a sight to see.
Anyhow. Thus endeth my entry for the day. Oh right, one more thing. Many of you that read my site are Redeemerites, so you'll know this already, but for those of you that aren't: Dr Chaing (the redeemer bio prof) had a brain aneurysm at some point in the last week and a half, and has been in intensive care since then. The doctors have tried a procedure to fix some problems, but it was not successful and it is still bleeding. Please keep him in your prayers, especially tomorrow as he is having brain surgery in Toronto at 1pm, I think it's a three hour procedure. (I apologies for the incredibly vague details, there's a reason why I'm not a bio major.)

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