Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Bird and Baby

Or I suppose you could call it the Eagle and Child. This afternoon after our lecture, we the students of Redeemer and the two non-redeemer/abu students joined Dr Loney for a pint at the pub famous for a prestigious customer, CS Lewis. Well, we all had a pint, and Loney opted for a soda, I believe. And really, I didn't have a pint at all, I had about a quarter of a pint. I was going to just go with the Smirnoff's again, and thought, well, no, I can't do that, I have to at least order a pint once while I'm here. It didn't grow on me at all, in fact, the more sips I had the worse it tasted. But apparently it's the beer that's won for the past five years at the English beer festival or something.
Quite an experience, to be sure.... What was even more of an experience was lunch yesterday. It consisted of a bunch of meats an 'Black Pudding.' Rich, if you didn't like the sounds of Toad in the Hole, you won't like this at all. I knew there wasn't something right about it, but I thought, I haven't backed down from trying anything since I got here, so I'm not going to start now. Well, I got half way through, and decided that was enough. The chap sitting next to me very kindly informed me that the primary ingredient in what I had just been eating was pig's blood. Well, now I can say that I've eaten it. I don't know that I'd do it again, but it's all about the experiences here, isn't it?
I have decided that I really do enjoy reading the comedies of Shakespeare quite a bit more than any of his other plays. We have thus far covered the tragedies, the histories, the roman plays, and we are now onto the comedies and quite frankly, they're the clearest to me. Oh, I know, I happen to miss out on 80% of the references that he makes and that's not lost on me, but I would rather be able to understand and enjoy reading 20% of his comedies than nothing of his other plays. I loved studying the other plays in class, however, I realized how brilliant Shakespeare really was, how he worked his plays together, what techniques he used, how he took liberties with history.... But if I had to choose to read a play on my own, without studying it with someone else, I think that I would have to say the comedies. And Kristin, if you're still reading this, I would have to agree with you, I think that Much Ado About Nothing is a phenomenal play, I loved reading it!
This said, I am going to go back to my research on PG Wodehouse. I'm currently reading his last novel, 'Sunset at Blandings Castle,' and it wasn't until I had gotten into the book that I flipped it over to the back cover and was confronted with the truth that HE NEVER FINISHED THE BOOK! I hate reading unfinished things..... It's bad enough when a novel is finished and there's no sequel, but to read a book that was never finished in the first place? It's going to annoy me so much when I get to the end of what was supposed to be chapter 16 out of 22.....

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