Sunday, February 22, 2004

Home again, home again....

London Bridge is falling down.... Not quite, but if it did, you could blame it on Sam, Tina and can never trust those three when they're together!
We just got back from our two days in London, and covered quite a lot of ground during that time (both literally and figuratively). Friday afternoon we had a tour of the Globe theatre-- something I didn't know --the Globe was destroyed or fell to ruin at some point and more ore less was forgotten in terms of theatres. In the 1950's, an American gentleman was outraged when he found out that England was not doing anything about the theatre, so he took up a crusade to build another Globe and have it used for theatre performances once more. It took almost fifty years to have all of the plans approved, the building built, and plays performed in the new Globe. This year marks the seventh season, and the theme of the season is "star crossed lovers"- can you guess the opening play? The location of the original Globe is about a five minute walk up the Thames. I had absolutely no idea that this wasn't the original Globe still. Learn something new every day!
After the tour we went to St Paul's Cathedral for Evensong- it was fantastic, and I was again quite disappointed that I didn't have anyone from the Redeemer choir with me- I would have loved to sing Magnum or O Vos Omnes or something under that dome! The choir that sang was fantastic, and it was so interesting to think that we were worshipping on a piece of land that people had been meeting on for 1400 years for services! -the start of meeting on that land is closer in years to Jesus' time than to ours! My church at home just celebrated their 50th anniversary. Kinda makes it seem pretty little in comparison....
Next stop: All's Well that Ends Well- Countess played by Dame Judy Dench. Fantastic performance by all, it was a great evening. We were a little far away from the stage- Last row on the top balcony, I think that if I leaned forward too far I could have somersault all the way down the two balconies and landed in the laps of those on the main level. The theatre itself is over 400 years old.
On Sat, we learned how to get around on the tube, and journeyed to see Portobello Road Market, the changing of the guards, Trafalgar Square, and the National Gallery, where I got to drool over Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Monet's Water Lilies, Degas's Ballerina, and random paintings by Picasso, Manet, Seraut, and others.
I also made a quick trip to Canada. Yes, that's right, I was sat down on canadian soil yesterday.... We passed the Canadian Embassy in Trafalgar square, and I couldn't resist going home a minute.
That was pretty much my time in London.... Cara and I split off from the others to walk around the shopping district for a couple hours, and Tina, Sam and Joel trapesed around London to the Tower bridge, and Sam apparently performed in a busker's routine. Good times were had by all, I guess it's back to London on Wed morning, from whence we shall depart for Spain on Friday afternoon! Time flies when you've got a full agenda- the week only began today, and it's pretty much over already!
(I should have pictures of London up by Tuesday)

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