Monday, February 16, 2004

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Dr Loney has arrived in Charlbury, and is quite impressing our group with his wit. Our first lecture with him took place this afternoon, and I must say, was one of the most fun lectures thus far. When Sam asked him a question as to which line we were starting from in Midsummer Night’s Dream, this was Loney’s reply: “This is Sam being tactful. Make note of it, it doesn’t happen often. Oh, I wasn’t making fun of him, that’ll come later.”
Shortly following this delightful comment on Sam’s personality, we headed into discussion on the play, specifically, talking about the characters within it. For those who didn’t know, there are rather interesting characters in Midsummer, two of them being faries. On this topic, Dr Loney: “These two faries are married. Well actually, do faries marry? Or do they just cross pollinate?” (badum-ching.) There is also a certain element of cat-fighting–a man declares his love to one girl, and then falls in love with her best friend (to very shortly summarize) –at this point, Loney broke into song, gracing us with his spectacular version of “Sisters” from White Christmas: “Lord, help the mister, who comes between me and my sister, and Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man!”
Finally, with the end of class drawing nigh, Loney asked how a plot within Midsummer could be similar to Romeo and Juliet, and here’s the exchange that followed:
Sam: Well, they both stab themselves in the end, and–
Loney: Actually, in the chest, really, but I know what you mean....
Quite entertaining, I must say. Not that I didn’t love my lectures with Loney last semester, but given the choice, I’d take a two o’clock lecture with him any day over an 8am.
For those of you guys who are trying to stretch out Valentine’s day, here’s a way *not* to get the girl of your dreams:
Hippolyta, I woo’d thee with my sword
And won thy love, doing thee injuries

(I should have more pictures within the next couple days)

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