Thursday, February 12, 2004

Meaningless blatherings and observations...

Cara informed me today that today marks the beginning of our 6th week in England. Strange how time goes by, I haven't quite figured out how it (time) works yet. This afternoon, I got together with Cara to pray with her about things going on in our lives; this is the second week that we've done this, and I'm very thankful for her presence on this trip, it really is encouraging to be able to share things with someone else in the programme!
Phones. I'm so grateful for them! Isn't it strange how you can call someone who lives on a different continent and talk to them as if you were in the same city? I personally think it's amazing. Not that I'm spending all my time in England talking to people back in Ontario, but I had a few phonecalls this week that were really good, they just made me smile.
Traveling. Strange how I'm living in England, going to Spain for a week on my break, and yet am jealous of Ben and Dave, who are going down to Florida this coming week. I would love to spend the week in Florida, knowing that the sun still exists!
About the paper I finished earlier in the week: someone in the group told me that they wished that they could be as motivated as I am in relation to my school work. I was quite sure that I would never hear the words 'motivated,' 'schoolwork' and 'jenn' in the same sentence, unless there was a negative in there somewhere!
Richard II-- if anyone is considering watching the RSC production of Shakespeare's Richard II on video, I suggest that you don't. Last night, eight of us went out to the farm to watch it, and only two made it through the whole thing without falling asleep. I was not one of the two. There's an unnecessary amount of long, elevated speeches either spoken by Richard or Henry, and it really does get to be quite tiresome and boring. By the end of the movie, the general consensus in the comments was: 'just give him the crown, die, and end the play already!' It went on for far too long.
I bought a copy of the '100 Best-Loved poems' today for 50p, not a bad deal I thought. I'm not quite sure who got to decide what the best one hundred poems of all time were, but it's a nice selection of poetry nonetheless. Although, I was quite angered to find William Carlos William's 'Red Wheelbarrow' in there.... so much depends upon the red wheelbarrow....glazed with rainwater....standing beside the white chickens.... I still maintain that that poem does not deserve to be studied in class. In any class, grade 12 English or first year University english. and definitely not both! (sorry, welfare, I know you grew attached to it a bit...)
Conclusion for the week... It's been an amazing week, I'm really settled in here, and although I do miss all of you to the core, I'm definitely making some amazing memories in England. Cheers!

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