Tuesday, February 03, 2004

mind and matter

When you spend up to 10 hours a day, 7 days a week with a group of 20 people, what goes around is bound to come around. And it's come to me. Over the past week, I've watched person after person being hit with the cold and/or flu, and despite my devout consumption of vitamins, I have now been hit as well. It started off not so bad, I had a sore throat and was pretty congested, but I knew that something was wrong this morning when I came into the church, sat down, and felt as if I was in the middle of an Ontario summer heat wave (in the mornings, the temperature in the church hovers around 10 degrees when we get there). I think that the fever has subsided somewhat throughout the day, and if I don't think about it, I can forget that I'm sick. Mind over matter!
One thing that I cannot forget-- that I played football (soccer) all afternoon yesterday. My body simply won't let me live that down, everything from my ribcage down is in agony every time I move a muscle. But it was worth it-- Jeff, Tina and I were victorious against Cara, Brad and Julie, 4-3, and I even scored a goal! I'm usually just happy enough when I touch the ball in a game!
Today, we had 'Toad in the Hole' for lunch-- an absolutely delicious meal consisting of sausages in the centre of what looked to be yorkshire pudding, I think. It's so exciting to have lunches with such unique names- we should make up fun names for our peanut butter and jam sandwhiches, no?
On sunday night, we had an evening of worship, praise and prayer at the farm, just us students, no adults. It was really good bonding time, and a very relaxing evening for us all. Much needed, I think. I played some dutch blitz and we had one of the closest games that I've ever played- from the second round to the last round, all four of us were within 15 points of highest to lowest-- pretty intense! (I came in second...sigh.) Tina and I had an arm wrestle, and we were deadlocked for two minutes, at least, and I knew that no one was going to win and I was quite frankly getting tired, so I conceeded. Tina said it was a tie, though, so we're gonna go at it again sometime. (check out the pic in my album)
Anyhow, ta ta for now, I have to go figure out plane ticket stuff for spain, have a grand evening!

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