Monday, February 16, 2004

Valentine's day...

And a Happy Valentine’s to all! I trust that everyone either enjoyed their day, or enjoyed hating it, as is sometimes the case at this time of year.... Getting my mail was quite exciting for me yesterday, there was a long, narrow box waiting for me with my name on it.... Further inspection revealed a white rose within this box.... :D It quite made my day, I must say. Maybe even my week. Today we had, of course, our Valentine’s celebration. Much work and time went into preparing the food for this, and many good times were shared between Tina, Julie, Madeline and I (myself? too late at night to figure that one out.) Last night we made chocolate cakes with mocha icing, this afternoon we made salads, chicken, sauces, potatoes, garlic bread.... all sorts of good stuff. I came a little late to help last night (had a nice chat with Ms Briemer and the ladies of D26), so when I rang the door at Mad’s place, this was the conversation inside: Mad: who is it? Tina: It’s a lady–Oh, no, it’s Jenn. So there we have it. And tonight Dr Loney made some direct comparison of myself and his dog. Good to know that people think so highly of me!
This morning we went to Uffington Castle, which is really just an incredibly high mound on a hill, with what used to be a moat around it. It dates back to the Iron Age, I would believe. Directly across from this magnificent plateau on the side of the (really really steep and large) hill is the chalk horse-- I’m not quite sure if it has a specific name, but it’s quite a sight to see (hopefully Joel got a picture of it for me to post). This landmark stands out so well that it was used against the English in WWII, the enemy planes would fly over this mark and be told to drop their bombs however many seconds away in whichever direction- it became such a hazard for the British that they had soldiers spending their days hauling dirt from anywhere to cover up this horse.
We walked a ways down a path to an ancient burial tomb. It was constructed over 5,500 years ago, and when the Romans came across it 3,300 (?) years ago, there were the remains of fifteen individuals placed there. The Romans built on top of it and used it as their burial tombs as well. Today, Sam and Joel decided to contemplate life from the grave. It was actually quite a task to convince them to come out of the tombs.
It seems as if every time we get in the bus, we put our lives at risk just that much more.... Our driver, though very able, I’m sure, gets distracted when he drives and things got a little tense in the vehicle today. A couple very near collisions, some question as to which roads are one way, thoughts on if the speed limit says 30m/h does it really mean 50 m/h, etc... It makes life interesting, for sure, and I think that it also raises our blood pressure. Anyhow, we’re home, and we’re alive, so the day was a success.
Redeemer’s now on break for ‘reading,’ whether that means a break from reading or a break for reading, I’ve never been quite sure. I hope you all have a great time where ever you all end up, Florida, Mississippi, Alberta, skiing, sleeping, catching up on readings.... Do think of me hard at work, studying Wodehouse and Shakespear in the Upper Reading Room of the Bodlian Library!

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