Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Alicante, Spain

¡Hola! ¡Buenas! No Hablo Español, ¿hablas Inglais? Es todos que conozco. Yeah. So, it´s a little harder to do the whole Spanish thing than I thought it would be. For the most part, people here speak some sort of English, but last night we ran into the problem of going into a restaurant where no one spoke English. Out of the three of us, I am the only one who knows even a little bit of Spanish, so I was elected to place our order, which I did, but our camerara didn´t like the fact that we didn´t speak Spanish so we were a little neglected.
Spain is an amazing country, and Alicante is an incredibly beautiful city! Federica, an Italian and one of the girls with whom we´re staying, informs us that this is quite an ugly city and we should have gone to Granada for the week, but I´m quite enjoying the scenery and everything else here. I´m so excited to post my pictures next week! So much has happened in the past week, London, Les Miserables, flying to Spain.... I think I´ll just write a bit about Spain right now and leave London for next week.
When we stepped out of the airport on Friday, we had absolutely no expectiations of scenery, of anything. So we were pleasently surprised to wander into an oasis of blue skies, bright sun, and palm trees. Almost like what I have seen of Beverly Hills, except no grass (it´s something like a desert here) and more beautiful. The weather is a bit chilly, we weren´t sure what temperature to expect but it´s been about 10 degrees consistently during the day, quite a bit colder at night (only when camping have I been able to see my breath everymorning when I wake up, before this past week....). However, the sun is bright, and when it´s not windy the temperature is beautiful, and quite an improvement on cold rainy cloudy England.
Palm trees are everywhere. By the beach, they have what is called the¨Explanada¨, which is a long walkway, entirely a tile mosaic, lined with Palm trees and lights. It´s incredible. The water is that amazing aqua colour, greeny/blue, and it just seems to go on forever, which it can´t, because we´re really not that far from Africa!
On Saturday, we walked along the coast for a bit, before finding a path up the little mountain in town and walking up that to the castle. I can´t quite remember what the castle is called, but it was absolutely beautiful, the ruins of it.... Unlike all the places in England, it didn´t cost a thing to walk around, and it just kept going up and up until we could see all of Alicante and the sea and the mountains in the distance. Incredible. I can´t wait to get my pictures back from my time here. And I have to wait till May!! Good thing that I can see the pictures that Joel takes on his digital camera!
There´s so much to say about this week thus far, but I have limited time on this computer so the rest will have to wait until Moday or Tuesday, when I also hope to post the puctures from the last three weeks or so. Crazy that we´re going to be going back ´home´already in two days, although we´ll be speding the night in the airport on Friday and then head back to Oxford on Sat, so that should be good fun....
Es todos. Buenos!

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