Monday, March 08, 2004

All's well that ends within a month

Today marks one month left of school for me, before I head out for my little three week jaunt around the English, Scottish, and Welsh country side. Tomorrow morning we have auditions for our Shakespeare play that we will be performing on March 26 or 27th, I can't quite remember. Memorizing lines, rehearsing, and performance will take place in the period of ONE WEEK. This should be interesting, to say the least, I'm a but curious as to how it will turn out. I believe the chosen play is to be 'Love's Labours Lost,' mainly because there are many female roles in it and we have many females in our programme. I'm actually pretty excited about it, I haven't done drama since high school, and always had a blast.... One of my first introductions to Redeemer was via the high school drama festival, which was always a good time. I am sorry to say that I'm sure anyone else who remembers the plays that our school put on, and realizes that I was a part of them, will lose some sort of respect for me. Our first was 'Embracing margarine,' which was written out of a series of group improves, and I think that we confused every one in the audience except for the adjudicators - their comments: 'if you rehearse for another two months, you'll have a great show to put on during the summer!' hmmm. No one in our group won any of the acting awards, needless to say. The esteemed Ray Louter really loved it though, and said that he'd like to get ahold of the script someday and have Redeemer produce it. That would be quite humorous to see! Anyhow. Drama. I haven't auditioned for anything since first year.... I tried out for 12th Night, but Louter turned me down so I never auditioned again. But then I got into choir and there was no need for drama, or rather, no time for it anyway. But now I shall gather my courage up once more and audition. Maybe I'll try my line from grade six.... "Please sah, may I have some more?" (I was thinking about that the other day, and realized that that was EIGHT years ago already!! Guess it makes sense, I don't think that I'd make a very convincing Oliver anymore, but still...)

For all of those out there who care, and for those of you that don't, tomorrow, the great Mr Samuel T Martin turns 21!!! Happy almost birthday, St Martin!!

Oh, one thing I forgot to say about Les Mis- the guy who played the role of Marius, as Joel astutely pointed out, was Jon Lee, one of the members of S Club 7. Hmm.

Spain already seems like a long time ago.... I got back yesterday to my house, and it was so nice to be back, have my own space. To my absolute delight and surprise, there were three letters waiting for me!! And the kicker is that in the one from Lena, there were SEVEN letters, one from each of my girls!!! It was the absolute BEST way to end a reading break! Tina and I went out for a walk and when we got back, I had another letter on my bed, from the beautiful Kenny. It was a good day! I fell into bed last night (literally) at 10pm, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out, and had an amazing 10 hours of sleep. sigh.

While we were at the airport on Friday night, Tina and I started to get bored around 10pm, so I read her some of my PG Wodehouse.... One of the Bertie and Jeeves stories, great things.... anyhow, about ten minutes into reading, I heard this very thick Scottish accent on the bench behind me, and whenever I stopped, it stopped, and when I read, it continued.... at one point I stopped and heard 'don't pay before the year 2006.' There was no one sitting on the bench anywhere near this 50ish year old fellow, and he was reading his newspaper aloud because apparently I was distracting him from his reading. Right ho, then. A lady sat down next to him and, after hearing his accent, said, 'You're from Scotland! I love Scotland!' and in his thick accent he said, 'I hate it.' After pausing for a bit, she inquired as to what part of Scotland he as from, and he said, 'The middle. And I hate it. I'm never going back there again. It's minus ten degrees there right now and I hate it.' This comment promptly brought the conversation to a close. He fell asleep a couple hours later and proceeded to snore all night. I wonder what he would have done if I had've snorted in his face to tell him that he was annoying me?

I saw Joel's pictures today, but unfortunately didn't get the chance to save them to a disk to transfer to my site. Hopefully tomorrow. Just so everyone is absolutely clear, these are not *my* pictures, I did not take them, Joel is graciously letting me post them so that people can see what we're up to.... There are some amazing pictures that are very artistic, but I'm mostly posting the ones that really pertain to what we're doing here, since it takes a couple min to do each one..... Joel, I will be eternally grateful to you for your pics!

I really should get back home to do a bit of stuff for school, a bit of birthday stuff for Sam, and a bit of eating of some sort. It's so disappointing to go from eating hot meals every night, as we did in Spain, to eating a sanwhich for supper. Ah well, food is food, and I'm grateful that I have some.
Have a splendid evening, or rather afternoon, I suppose, cheers!

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