Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Drama rehersal is underway for the ABU-Oxford production of Love's Labour's Lost (and slightly abridged).... We're a few hours into our second day of ten hour rehersal days, only three more to go after this and then production! crazy.
The weather was warming up last week....and then it frosted again last night and it's quite chilly today. It was an exciting week, I got to talk to the beautiful Ladies Welfare and Mare, and last night, quite unexpectedly I had the chance to talk to Dave Steinstra (sorry if I butchered that name) last night, so that was really awesome too. I wish I could just take all of you here for a week....
People are working out plans for leaving in a few weeks, which is getting sad. Sigh. Ah well, summer is soon and that shall be quite exciting in itself. My brother is graduating from Calvin in two months. I don't think that should be allowed. I'll be the only one in my family left in school! (I should clarify that-- as a student-- my mom, brother and sister will all be in school for many years yet, but on the other end of the classroom hierarchy)

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