Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Is this a lager I see before me?

On this past Wednesday night, our group made the trip to Stratford for the first time since the day after our arrival, and took in a performance of Macbeth. Considering the past plays that we've seen, our seats were fantastic. For the first time, we were not in the highest balcony! We were on the first balcony of the Royal Shakespeare theatre, fairly close to the front. I haven't thought about this play since we studied it in, what was it, grade 10? of highschool, so there was much that I had forgotten. The best part of the play, I would say, was the scene of the porter, when he is called to open the gate in the middle of the night. He climbed out of the stage, and just walked around, rednosed, laughing for about three minutes. As they say, laughter is contagious, and not five minutes after we had witnessed the macbeths confess redhanded that they had murdered the king, we were all laughing hysterically. Most of his lines were improvised, and the first thing that he said, holding up his stein, was, "Is this a lager I see before me? Get it? A lager?" Funny. Especially since it got so much more reaction than macbeth's dagger hallucination scene.
And then, of course, the lines that were my favourite in highschool....
Out, out brief candle. Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
Such a useful speech!

Today is the first day that I have been in the Bodlian before 4pm, because the Oxford term is over now, and we second class Oxfordians are now allowed full access to the library. Beauty. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a perfect spring day, lacking one thing of course. Can any one guess? Yes, that's right, the sun! Hand the lady a prize. It's a balmy 13 degrees today, with an expected high of 15, and of course, rain. In fact, it's supposed to rain for the next ten days, and then some, probably! But, it's wonderfully mild with a warm wind blowing, and it's exciting to feel the promise of spring. Speaking of Spring. We've been watching the daffodils pop up everywhere for the past week, it's very beautiful. Just like crocuses, people have patches of Daffodils all over their lawns, it's really interesting. And, of course, every morning when I look out the windown and see these beautiful yellow flowers, I start singing..... what do daffodils do? they last the winter and the spring right through, if they turn cloudy days sunny then I can try too..... that's what daffodils..... doooooo..... Funny how commercials can live with you for years.
So, what with saying that I'm at the Bod, I should go make productive use of my time here, and do some research!! As for you folks.... still in bed for another five hours, probably.... lazy, that's what you are!

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