Monday, March 29, 2004

A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more

Happy Monday morning! Our week of play rehersal and performance is finished, we are all breathing a collected sigh of relief. The play went rather well, considering the number of practices that we had, and we're all still speaking to eachother, which is a great thing considering the fact that we spent 12 hours a day for five days, with 19 people cramped into a tiny church in stressful conditions. I'm amazed that we actually get along better now than we did before the play! Good times were had by all, is the general feeling of both the actors and the audience. I've posted pics of the play rehersal and cast on my photo site, check em out if ya like. Tina compiled a Top Ten list of how you know you've had too much Shakespeare... Believe me, they're too true to be funny, at least to us. Do you know how annoying it is to wake up with lines from shakespeare running around your head and they're not even your lines? 'Proud of employment, willingly I go' 'All pride is willing pride, and yours is so' 'Proud of employment, willingly I go' 'All pride is willing pride, and yours is so.' and so on and so forth until I thought I could scream. It's even worse than having a song stuck in your head for three weeks straight.
We had a cast party at Madeline's, following the performance, and good times were had by all. We had a number of cross dressers in the play, so we thought we'd start out the evening, getting things straight, with 'Man I feel like a woman'.... We had to strike the set the next morning at 10, so that was a little early to be at the church considering the late night... but, within an hour everything was cleaned up and we were planning the church service for sunday morning. Just our luck, it happened to be the weekend on which the time changed and we lost an hour of sleep, so maybe it wasn't a wise idea of mine to go watch Gone with the Wind until 2am Sat night. Fiddle dee dee. It was the strangest thing, when Cara and I left Lisa's place after the movie- we turned the corner, and there were two people who looked almost as if they had stepped out of the movie! The man was wearing a grey curly wig and tights and pants that went to his knees, and the he had a long blue and red waist coat with brass buttons on it. The woman was wearing a big dress with a hoop in it and a collar that went up high. They said 'bon soir' to us and continued on their way. I thought I was hallucinating.
The church service on Sunday went alright, but it was not very organized. Hard to believe that we only have one more sunday in Charlbury!
I'm trying to work out plans for travelling after the semester, and it's proving to be difficult. I think that we're going to have to spend the first two nights in a hostel or caming, which is doable, but we were hoping to start out at peoples houses. Anyhow. Off to write some papers, research and all that. The story of my life. For another week and a half!

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