Saturday, March 13, 2004

Sex lecture from Marion

At this moment, I am supposed to be working on my take home exam for Loney, discussing the nature of love at first sight in Shakespeare's comedeies. However, just having finished lunch with Marion and Tina, I find myself unable to concentrate on the task at hand, due to a certain discussion that ensued during lunch. It was actually much less of a discussion than it was a lecture given by Marion, which could perhaps be entitled, "Why sex before marriage improves the actual marriages."
This lecture was kickstarted because I mentioned that one of my friends has just gotten engaged, and Marion blaming that on the fact that our 'religion' doesn't let us have sex before marriage. Some of the highlights from this lecture:
There are so many bad marriages around because people don't have sex before marriage. If young people aren't allowed to have sex before marriage, they get married specifically for the purpose of having sex. Sex is like alcohol- the more you have the more you know what you like. The more relationships you have, the better each new one will be, because you have more practice and will actually know what you want. Besides the CRC, are there any other denominations in Canada that still advocate abstinace? Crikey, you mean they all do? Well! Isn't that terribly old fashioned! I suppose England got rid of their Puritan ideas a long time ago, the church realized that they wouldn't be gaining any members by telling them that they couldn't have sex before marriage. Well obviously if all the young people are having sex, which I'm sure they must be, the church isn't about to tell them that it's wrong or they'd lose everyone in the church! I suppose it's an issue of tolerance, like the Anglican church in town- the vicar is a woman, she's gay, and she's living with the curate, who is her partner. I'm not saying there's a right or wrong at all, but I do think that there are many marriages that wouldn't have failed if they had've had more sex before marriage! You don't mean to tell me that your church discourages abortion too? Crikey. Well of course if you had've had sex with your boyfriend the breakup would have been an awful lot harder, but it's supposed to be, that's what relationships *are*, they're about intimacy!

Anyhow, we left her thinking that we're some phenomenally odd people, at least according to her view of young people. Despite what we said to her, she's utterly confused about why anyone would choose abstinace before marriage, and it was a rather new experience to have a fifty year old woman trying to convince me that having sex before marriage is not only a good idea, but that it's beneficial, it's crucial to life. So. It was an interesting study break, to be sure. huh.

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