Thursday, March 11, 2004

Summer days quickly arriving

So, we have less than one month of classes left, and then three weeks of travel, and then I'll be back in the wonderful world of Ontario. This puts my mind on the subject of summer employment. It is my goal to secure a position at the Stratford Festival theatre for the summer, but they are not quite sure at the moment how many new employees they'll be hiring. So. If not Stratford, Hamilton, considering the fact that I'll have my own house to live in.... !!!! But. This is the question. Where does one find summer employment in Hamilton? I saw an ad for a greenhouse in the Time out this afternoon- so, considering the fact that they're hiring for four month positions, I emailed inquiries to that. I really do not want to work in a greenhouse again this summer though, it was warm enough in BC, I can't imagine how stifiling it will be in a greenhouse in Ontario!! This is where all of the wonderful people who read my blog come in (yes, that would be you!): I know without a doubt that there are a lot of people reading who have never left a comment of any sort, but this is what I suggest. I'm in England, it's a little hard to do job searching from here. You're in Hamilton (a lot of you, at least), and most of you have worked in the surrounding area before. I share with you my experiences in England, you share with me places where I can apply in Hamilton! That sounds like an incredibly fair trade to me. Please?? In this world, nowadays, the well paying full time summer jobs can only be attained through connections, so I'm calling on my connections. ...please don't make me work at a Staples part time for another summer.......

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