Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Through the Wardrobe

Upon walking home from the trainstation today, I noticed that all was not right with the world. Something was off kilter, and it didn't take long to diagnose the problem: Every morning and afternoon, we walk past a field that is normally home to three white sheep, and a horse as well, on occasion. Without fail, the sheep are grazing in the field as we saunter past. Today, the sheep were not there. And what's more, not only was the horse there, but there was an extra horse! This really is an issue: Kenny can testify to this, it's like seeing people every morning at the bus stop and then all of a sudden one morning one of the regulars disappears and fails to show up again-- it really throws off the whole routine. Sam suggested that maybe the extra horse ate the sheep, or perhaps they morphed into the horse and will next morph into a sentor. I like the latter suggestion better. Makes me think of Narnia.
I had a huge panic this morning- I needed to buy some groceries for supper, so I took out my wallet and was going to take out some of the 70pounds that I had withdrawn from my bank right after spain, and low and behold there was no money in my wallet. No money in my bag, in my purse, in my coat pockets. This really posed a problem. Yep, it's sad to lose $70 and normally that would really freak me out, but 70 pounds is pretty much the equivalent to $175 canadian, and that is a very scary amount to lose. But I had to catch the train so I gave up the search, and when I came home it was in the first place that I looked, which was a huge relief. All's Well that ends well.
We get to go see Romeo and Juliet on Wed night in Stratford in the swan theatre, I believe. The last visit to stratford was just in the Royal shakespeare theatre, so it'll be cool to get the real one this time. (hopefully)
I had a dream last night that one of my future house mates was absolutely livid with me, and I had this complete feeling of dread about moving in... I was quite happy to wake up and find that absolutely nothing had passed between us and that she really doesn't hate me....at least from what I know of.... :)
I can't believe it's March 29th already (well, it'll be the 30th by the time this is posted...). Tina graduates two months from today! As does all of the other great people that I don't want to see leaving Redeemer.... Dave, Matt, Rich, Dan....I don't want to go to choir and not see these people there, or go into the caf and not see them sitting at the tables skipping hvd's class or something.... There will definitely be a different feel in the halls. Sigh.

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