Thursday, March 18, 2004

Thus Endeth the Lectures

Alas, the last lecture of the semester has come and gone, and realizations that this programme is actually almost over are dawning in all of our minds. We commence rehearsal for the play on Sunday afternoon (if I knew how to spell it, I'd write 'neit ope zondag!' ) and perform it a week from tomorrow night. Or is it Saturday night? I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I ever said what role it was that I have procured. If I have, I'll say it again, just for the heck of it. I'm to represent the lovely Maria, attendant of the Princess of France. My fellow attendants are Heidi (Catherine) and Cara (Rosaline), and the fair princess will be aptly played by Whitney. Sam has rightfully claimed the part of the King, and Joel, Matt and Jeff will be playing the parts of the lords. Mine own dear roommate, Tina, will be transformed into Constable Antony Dull, who I must say, gets the best line in the play: 'I am Dull.' Beautiful.

As the Oxford term (is it the Hillary term? I can't remember) is now over, this city is being transformed. Not in terms of structures or anything so great as that: it is being invaded by tourists. I'm quite aware of how we looked the first day on which we walked into the quad of the Bodleian, because every day that I come here, there are more and more folks staring up at the walls with their jaws hanging open. It becomes quite a task, actually getting past all of these gawkers, into the building, yet once inside, there are even more folks in the bookstore and the defuct chapel. Do you know one of the best feelings of having tourists around? Walking past the sign that says "Readers only past this point," showing my readers card to the guard at the desk, and walking up those mysterious back stairs, where these tourists can only dream of going. Strange to think that in two weeks, I'll never be able to climb those stairs again. My card will expire, and I might as well be a tourist, for all the guards know. At any rate, that point has not yet arrived, so I might as well walk up and down the stairs as many times as I can while I can!

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