Wednesday, March 17, 2004

*trying* to work

I have come to the conclusion that the Bodleian is far too cultured a place to get anything done within. On the walls, there are poets like John Dryden and Abraham Cowley peering down at me. Not to mention the books. The walls are lined with books of every colour and author, ranging from Shakespeare to Swift to Bacon. The doors are huge archways into the neighboring rooms, from which there are more nameless poets staring at me. If only I knew Latin, I could keep myself busy for hours, reading the various paintings on the walls and ceilings. (Speaking of which, why doesn't Redeemer have a Latin course? If they did, I would definitely take that, as would the other Redeemerites over here. We should petition for one. The course book says that we have one. But then again, the course book says a lot of things that we all know don't exist.) I have been sitting here at desk U122, with my laptop in front of me and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" beside me, for the past hour, and what have I accomplished, besides gazing at my surroundings? Absolutely nothing. It's a good thing that Redeemer isn't this cultured or I wouldn't have made it through the first two and a half years!

I would like to express my indignation at the decision made last year to schedule classes during choir on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I realize that this is one of the things that happens with growing course selections, but if they have to do that, must they schedule 400 level courses during that time? 400's are generally offered once every two years, at least in English, and if the courses offered then were lower courses, there could be a bit more choice in the matter, I'm sure. At any rate, both first and second semester, a 400 level English course that I very much would like to take is being offered during choir. While yes, I am at Redeemer for the classes, I have had to suffer through this year not being a part of choir, and I refuse to do it again next year. At least there is one other 400 each semester for me to take; if there wasn't, I would be even more put out. I had a dream about choir last night. Maybe it wasn't about choir, but it had all the choir people (from last year) in it. huh. That's what happens when you listen to crucifixious before bed, I suppose.

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