Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Finished once more...breathing a sigh of relief

Oy Vay. The only thing worse than writing the last fifteen page paper of the semester is writing the last fifteen page paper of the semester over again. I thought I would be able to pack tonight, but no, here I sit at the table, in the same chair that I've sat in for the past four days, writing the same paper that I already wrote three days ago. (Deja vu?) The good thing is that Tina is also up tonight writing a paper, and she has decided that she will allow herself five minute breaks now and again, during which she gives me massages. I can deal with this!
I've eaten so much chocolate stuff in the past two days in place of meals that I am really starting to feel ill from it. Hence, on my way home from Oxford, in my state of pity, I stopped in at the "Eight Till Late" and bought a bag of frozen brussel sprouts. Strange comfort food, I am quite aware of this, but I was in need of real energy if I was to do anything else except plop into bed and cry. So Tina and I boiled up a pot of sprouts and had them for dinner. And I'm actually feeling quite chipper. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I was biting my pen. Anyone who has taken PSY 122 with Needham will know exactly to what I'm referring.
It's very possible that some of you would consider this great fun, having the opportunity to write two papers on the same subject in a very short amount of time, but ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you: I'm not enjoying this. Have you ever noticed that the later at night/earlier in the morning it is, the longer the pages seem?
I shall be greatly pleased to get back to Ontario time. Did you know that almost everyone here uses the 24 hour clock? When I'm in the kitchen, I have to translate the time from 24 to 12 hour, when I'm on my computer I have to translate time from Ontario to England (yes, I could change the clock on my computer, but really, I'm almost finished here anyway), and when I want to call someone at home and I'm not on my computer, I have to translate the 24 hour into 12 hour and translate the England time into Ontario time. I've gotten quite fast at it, I'm impressed with myself.
Little random note for anyone going to Enlgand: when you use the loo, the handle for the toilet is on the right side of the tank. And they don't flush the same way: whereas in Canada you can just push the handle down, in England there's a certain amount of skill to giving it the right amount of force quickly enough. Believe me, we had problems with that for the first month.
At 3:16 am, I'm calling it quits. 3,803 words, 12 pages, and, once more, my semester is finished. Thanks all for the prayers!!!

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