Thursday, April 29, 2004


So, this weekend seems to be the weekend for coming home! This afternoon, we landed once again in Charlbury on Mad's doorstep.... tomorrow, I get to go home to Hamilton and see the crew there.... and on Sunday, I go home home! It's really quite difficult to explain what's going through my head right now... it's been such a short four months, but it's been ages since I've been home or seem any one from ontario!
Sam called the airport and confirmed our tickets, which is a good thing, I'm glad to be able to get home.... we've spent over 55 hours on trains in the past three weeks, I'd say that the BritRail pass is worth it!
So yeah, good to be "home," and looking forward to going home!

Joel just reminded me-- he has recently been injured in a dual of sorts, crazy dude by the name of Tom slashed him across the hand and has quite a wound to show for it.... poor boy.

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