Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I have heard a grievous Evil under the sun.

So, it has just been brought to my attention that many of those in choir won't be able to return to choir next year due to conflicts in schedules. This is simply outrageous. Why in the world do they plan for the 300 and 400 level classes during the Tues/thurs 4:20-5:40 time slot? If anything, this is when they should have the 100 level cores. It makes me so mad. At first I thought it was just Jackie who wasn't going to make it back-- and that was a horrible prospect for me. Now, Naomi, Ben, and others are included in that number. (Rach, tell me you're still going to be in choir!) To put it quite bluntly, this sucks. I'm facing a dilemma, however, with my choice in courses for first semester. At first, I wasn't able to take the 400level Lit Crit because it fell during the choir slot; this has since been changed, and it's not on Mon/Wed. However, I also very much want to take the 400level creative writing course, which I'm currently signed up for. My semester already consists of my senior INT and PHIL, ENG 403, REL 131 (which, incidentally, scares me more than 400 level courses), and a 300 level PSY. The only course that I could take out of the equation and put off till second semester is PSY, and that means taking three PSY second semester. Too much PSY at once. So I"m stuck. I've been told that Lit Crit is the hardest course at Redeemer, but in that course will be all those that I missed taking courses with this semester (Sam appropriately named this group of people the "Bowen Brigade"). So I"m at a loss, quite frankly.
I have written more words in this weekend than I ever would have thought possible; and as a result, I am entirely ready for a break of four months from writing papers!
I am so near to finishing this paper that I"m writing that I can almost taste the victory (my reward for finishing all my papers = my last lindor chocolate), and by the time I post this I probably will be finished. Hurrah!
I bought 36 penguins today for only 1pound50. Not bad, eh?
Beginning on Friday, I'm going to have a twenty-some day absence from the world of blogging.... And just so ya'll know, apart from giving my highlights of the trip when I get back to Canada, I probably won't return often to blog. Let's face it, my life in Canada is not particularly blog-worthy. I don't walk past 700 year old buildings every day, I don't go to castles (apart from Casa Loma, I've been there once, and I'm sure everyone else has too), and I don't go to Spain. So just a heads up. (Sorry, Rob J, I feel like I'm letting you down. hey, are you going to be in choir next year??) Anyhow, I might get to an internet cafe every now and then and post a line or two, you can check if you want.
I can't believe that Tina's going to be home on Friday. It seems like such an odd idea, to be back in Canada. That'll be me in a month. But. Camping in Dover comes first. Well, first after figuring out traveling stuff and sending off papers and saying a tearful goodbye to the others and whatnot. It'll be an interesting next three days.

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