Monday, April 26, 2004

Non Paulus sed Mulus sarcina portat

So here I am, in the heart of Ely, Cambridgeshire, at Rich's aunt and uncle's place, staying in the very loft that Rich himself occupied almost a year ago for a bit. Wow, has this every been a full two and a half weeks! And I don't think there's really any chance of saying all there is to say about the time right now.... I think it'll have to come in installments next week or the week after. The weather right now is AMAZING! for the past four days, we've had blue skies and temperatures of about 20 degrees, which is ever so much preferable over five degree rainy and windy weather! We're going to be spending the next three days in the "other place," namely Cambridge. (For those of you who don't know, there's a little bit of a thing between Oxford and Cambridge--competition and whatnot, who's got the better university, etc, but really, we all know that there's no question, Oxford wins hands down!) Hopefully we're going to learn how to punt, we didn't get the chance to learn in Oxford, as it really wasn't the season yet when we left, but maybe it'll be getting on that by now. (Oh, sidenote-- Dan P, I regret to inform you that you made more than a small mistake in the last issue of the crown-- you said that the quotes we sent you from England were from Cambridge--a-hem....)
So While I'm off gallivanting, life is moving along and all exciting for the members of my family.... My sister and her husband bought a house, my brother and his wife are having their second child in a month, and my other brother is graduating university and has procured himself a real job, and my may-as-well-be-sister just got herself *another* nephew! Everyone's life is so exciting right now....
So the choir is hopefully on the East Coast right now, if they stop in Moncton, Cara, don't forget to find them! :) Wow, it seems like sooo long ago since I've seen the ABU folks. *sniff sniff* And my dear Tina. Tine, we've thought about you almost every single day of the trip. Oh, and I think I still have that map, I'll bring it with me today when we head in to Cambridge.
So, four days and I will be back in Hamilton, six days and I'll be back in Belleville... I am *so* excited to be back home again and see everyone, but I don't know if I could say how much I'll miss this country. It's weather like this that really makes me forget that we had those two really gloomy cold rainy months in the winter.... So I'm torn in two. Anyhow, So much to say about the rest of the trip that I won't say anything at all right now, I'll sign off, and see a fair amount of you at Rob and Karen's wedding on Sat!!!!

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