Monday, April 12, 2004

South Hampton

Well, we spent two very chilly nights in Dover.... Three of us in a tent that can't be more than 3'X6', less than 3' high.... about 0 degree weather.... suffice it to say that I wore three pairs of pants (sorry, trousers), two pairs of socks and slippers, four sweaters.... and I was still cold. But, we walked along the white cliffs of Dover, and they were absolutely amazing. So huge.... Toured the Dover Castle and the secret tunnels and stuff inside the Dover cliffs where the Normandy invasion was planned and orchestrated from.... Became members of the English Herritage society, the recruiter who took our money welcomed me into the membership "May your camels prosper".... We went to Canterbury just cause we could, everything was closed but hey.... We're in South Hampton right now, at my cousins' place.... So nice to sleep in doors again! Today we went out to Stonehenge-- absolutely incredible! and to the Salisbury Cathedral for Evensong... then Sam chased some Swans and geese, and exclaimed, "I would take a duck to a pub!" All in all, first four days of traveling have been pretty sweet. Peanut butter and cheese sandwhiches really don't taste all that awful. Sam and Joel obviously haven't gotten sick of eachother yet, they're cuddling on the couch at this very moment.....

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