Friday, May 21, 2004

It's been a long time gone

So I guess I promised, at several points in time, that I would write all about my adventures of three weeks of trekking across England, Scotland and Wales. I don't know so much that that's actually going to happen. I think that it's just been enough for me to tell the stories as I show people pictures, and I don't want to overdo it and get sick of it. Maybe that's it. Who knows? At Any rate, as soon as I get pictures from Joel, I will be completing at least the photo journal of our trip, I do promise that much. Maybe I'll just say some highlights....
My favorite castle ended up being a ruined castle that we went to by chance in Perchester. While touring around it, we were given these audio tours that were narrated by a French prisoner and an English soldier from way back when. It was pretty entertaining to listen to, and I couldn't believe how much actual fact they put into the narration. The oldest part of the whole thing was the wall surrounding it, which was built by the Romans at some point (I'm not going to play guessing games with names and dates because I'm sure there's several people who would love to laugh at me for naming the wrong century or emperor) The roman officer that built this stronghold decided that it would be fun to name himself the Emperor or Britain (or whatever it was called back then) so they don't know if these walls were actually built by the Romans to keep the Roman Emperor and his crew out or just to defend themselves from other threats. (This traitor was eventually assassinated by one of his officers, who named himself emperor, and after a long and fruitful three year reign, the Roman army came back, reclaimed the territory, and executed the guy)
So. That was my favorite castle. We went to that one while in South Hampton with my cousins. And speaking of these cousins, Paula and Darren-- I went to my Uncle Henry's place ("Dr Brouwer" to you Redeemer folk) to pick up my stuff stored in his garage, and who answers the door but Paula?! It was quite a surprise, I didn't figure I'd be seeing them again for at least another year, when they had moved back to Canada. huh.
Oh. And another important piece of news-- I now have a NIECE!!! She was born on May 18, 5:30 am.... Nadine Isabella Van Breda. How exciting!
Oh. Something else. I have a job! Not an exciting one, mind you, but a job nonetheless, with normal hours and all... Doesn't start till June 1st, so I can relax next week knowing that I will actually be getting pay checks throughout the summer.

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