Sunday, August 29, 2004

An affair to remember

So. The weekend has come and gone, though I really do wish that it was still here. Dan is right on the ball today and has already posted pictures of Gilmour fun on his blog. The two pics of Tina and I arm wrestling must be explained, though. One rainy and dreary night at the farm in Charlbury, Tina and I decided to see how well matched we were for an arm wrestle, and the result was a five to ten minute battle of stubbornness. In the end, I gave up and gave the win to Tina, though she calls it a tie. So, we rematched on Sat evening, and after a full five minute fight, she overcame me. I put partial blame on the waterskiing that I did earlier in the day, but Tina also put a tooth right through her lip so she wasn't quite herself either.
I'm quite sure that this weekend, as a whole, was concecrated "Pick On Jenn" weekend without my knowledge. While the weekend was one of the most enjoyable that I've had in quite some time, I found myself the victim of antics ranging from being dropped in the water to verbal abuse to poking and tickling. My sincere thanks to RobJ and James, however, for refraining to throw me into the lake on Friday night.
At this point, I'm going to go find a heating pad and one of those heated magic bags to comfort my aching muscles- due to the whole attempt at slalomming yesterday, I can't look sideways without turning my whole upper body, and can't bend over to pick anything up for the life of me.

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