Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Do you ever have one of those days when all of the emails and posts that you type end up being deleted before you get a chance to press that critical publish or send button? Well, I'm having one right now.

As I was browsing some new (to me) blogs this afternoon, I came across
this. Joel Haas and his friend have compiled a list of tips, or rather, advice, to guys in or wanting to be in a relationship. Looking at it from the femal perspective, I'd have to say that it's a pretty insightful little post, and the young gentlemen of the world would do well to take a gander at it. I was talking along some similar lines with Robj the other day, and was astounded to learn that what seems blatantly obvious to females, apparently doesn't even strike the average male. The subject of that is this: Women appreciate things that they don't have to ask for at least ten times more than things that they do ask for. For example: A massage spontaneously and freely given is so much sweeter and even more relaxing than one that has been requested. Why? It's all in the mind. Because it was given without request, it shows that there was thought behind the action. If you have thought about that, then you have most likely thought about other things as well- what needs or wants does that person have, and how can I fulfill them in a way that will be appreciated? Easy. Take whatever action is needed and do that without being asked. That's not so hard now, is it?

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