Monday, August 02, 2004

I need a vacation to get over my vacation. When my work finished a week ago friday, I headed immediately home, packed a few clothes into some bags, grabbed a tent, cooler, camping stove and sleeping bag, and headed out with Nathan and the gang for a fun filled weekend in Gilmour, where I successfully did something funny to my back and stretched every muscle possible in my arm pits (you'd be surprised at how many there are, trust me). And my face became a red shade that even Bob the Tomatoe would envy. On Monday, my sister, best friend and I headed to Presqu'ille for a fun filled two days and one night of camping -which was a blast, but remember, my poor muscles from the weekend, sleeping on that wonderfully hard earth.... Back at home from Tuesday night till Saturday morning, chatting with the parents and brother, visiting with my wonderful friends Mary and Emily, and generally trying to make up for being home only three times in seven months. I've discovered that I'm allergic to something on that side of Toronto- starting in Gilmour and continuing until I returned back to Hamilton today, I've been sneezing no less than ten times a day, no more than 30, I think the last count was. Anyhow, On saturday, my brother Dave and I made the trek from Belleville to Stratford, and stayed with oldest brother Steve and his wife and two children until today. Upon returning home, I promptly packed my swim suit and headed off for an evening of swimming, food and fellowship at Andrea Henson's place with some fellow Redeemerites.... And here I sit, completely exhausted.

Dan has agreed to talk with his boss tomorrow about the prospect of picking rocks. It would definitely be a way out of my present situation, although I'm a little worried about keeling over half way through the day. Dan assures me that it won't happen, but I wouldn't be too sure. My roommate also seems to think that it's a possible scenario= when I told her of this possibility, she started begging me not to do it.

I addressed some of the Redeemer staff regarding the situation of hiring family of the staff over Redeemer students, and he assured me that he has checked into it and she's only there for a week while some of the girls are on vacation. I don't think he knows that there will be girls on vacation for the rest of the summer, and that it will be busier later in August than it is now. What can a person do.

I began writing again this week while at home, for the first time since my creative writing course last year. (by writing, I don't mean Blogging) In a house containing only my parents and myself, it's actually not hard to do. I've forgotten what it's like to be able to sit down and have no social disctractions, not even any potential social distractions. It has led me to "writing" compositions as I'm falling asleep- which is somewhat annoying. I always manage to convince myself that I'll remember what kind of a poem it was and even that I'll remember the exact wording of an essay. Needless to say, I can't recall a word of what I "wrote" last night- I can't even remember what the subject of the piece was! I do remember that I was defining something, but past that, the memory fails me. One day I'll learn how to write while lying down in the dark. Until then, I'll just call this practice.

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