Thursday, August 26, 2004

A mere 87 days after beginning work at the sweatshop, I have logged my last day. Though I am quite sure that they did their best to kill me before I got out of the door. As I told Nate this afternoon, I feel as if a tap labeled "Energy" on me has been turned on all week and there's naught but a drip coming out now. While I am not sad to be leaving that place of employment, I did think it rather kind of them to buy me a black forest cake and give me a nice little cash bonus.
At our Bible study tonight, we read the end of Hebrews, and accordingly had a number of discussions on faith. The Hall of Faith, chapter 11, begins with the following verse:

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

The whole chapter goes on to list and briefly describe notable characters of faith to be found throughout the Bible, encouraging the readers to live a life of faith like those before had lived, keeping their eyes on the coming world so that God was not ashamed to call them his own.
The discussion that we had on this turned to living lives of faith, and making decisions and waiting on God. My question is this: do we have enough faith when we make decisions? I realize that it is important to wait on God and pray about a decision, but do we too often use the excuse of "God hasn't told me yet what to do" just so that we won't have to make some sort of decision that will affect us in an adverse way? I'm not sure that I'm being clear with my question, though it makes sense in my head. In Isaiah, it says that whether we turn to the right or the left, God will go with us. So do we sometimes just need to jump in with both feet, after wieghing the issue against previous experience and knowledge, and have faith that God will bless us in our decision?

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