Wednesday, September 08, 2004

And the peasants rejoiced

LATE BREAKING NEWS------ The Misses Diana and Crystal Fraser have returned safely and soundly to the humble abode on Upper Wellington!! They appear to be in tact, all in one piece, and fairly sane. Well, as sane as they were before they left the country, to be sure. :) Thanks be to God for preserving their family throughout the whole ordeal-- and from the bits of stories we got from them tonight, it was indeed a huge ordeal! Crystal has already left us to be with her girls on campus (*sigh*), but it absolutely made my week to see her, if only for half an hour!
They were in the part of the Bahamas that was apparently hit the hardest by Hurricane Frances-- when the storm started through the bahamas, it was travelling at 15 mph, but by the time it reached them, it was at 4mph and then it stoped right over them, so they were in the eye of the storm for a full 24 hours -- total devistation around the whole island. Anyhow, our girlies are back home, and our house is now complete: Kenny, Me, Barnho, Diana, and Osanna. Here's to the coming year at our house!! (We have yet to name the house, and we're currently welcoming suggestions....)

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