Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend fun

Despite the fact that I failed to do any readings for class, I think that I had a very balanced weekend. Friday evening was spent in the company of my fellow Oxford Alumni at the Coach, which was rather relaxing and the environment was slightly reminiscent of English cottages and pubs. I'm quite sorry to announce that, although the Coach does carry Strongbow, a British Cider and my drink of choice whilst in England, they manufacture it differently for international pubs than for their own local brew. It's still better than beer, though.
On Saturday, a collection of us Sunday afternoon volleyball folks got together to play in a tournament for Andy's friend's Stag and Doe. We played a total of eight games throughout the day, and I'm sorry to announce that we lost every last game. (James, Ben, RobJ, Dan, where were you when we needed you?!?) Besides the horrible loss of 25-6, we managed to keep our heads above water with respectable scores hovering around 25-21, 25-23, etc.

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