Tuesday, October 26, 2004

From the producers of "Reality TV: A contradiction in terms?"....

...comes A Degree of Degradation. This hot new reality TV show made it's debut last night at 8pm, to critical acclaim and much applause from viewers.
A Degree of Degradation was filmed on the campus of Redeemer University College throughout this past week. The aim of this programme is to point out the uniformity of Reality Shows, ranging from the casting bias to editing-room bias to, of course, the bias of entertainment.
Co-director and producer Rebecca Barnhoorn commented, "Blood, sweat and tears went into this production: I pricked myself while we were casting and I started bleeding, both Jenn and I were sweating buckets when we presented it, and Jenn was (more or less) crying when it seemed as if the final product had been deleted."
There has been reports of national syndication for A Degree of Degradation, but they have yet to be confirmed. For scheduled viewing times, please call The Shack or leave a comment on this site.

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