Saturday, October 02, 2004

Here and there

"I hate going to readings. I try to avoid them if I can help it: I think it's so boring, listening to someone else read!"

Interestingly enough, the above quotation came from Joy Kogawa last night at a reading of hers that I attended. I wasn't sure if she was trying to tell us that we were boring people for coming to listen to her, or if she really didn't want to read to us, but whatever the case, it was an enjoyable reading. Obasan, her most recognised book, was on my reading list for Canadian Literature in my second year. To be quite honest, I don't quite remember the book very well, as I dedicated most of my attention that semester to The Handmaid's Tale. However, I went with Diana, and enjoyed myself. Joy is a very petit little lady, with a great talent and a resolute mind. She began her reading by giving a little spiel about her opinion of war: in essence, there is no such thing as a Just War, nor will there ever be. Following, she read quite a striking few chapters from the end of Obasan, detailing the immediate effects of the bomb dropping on Japan, imagery that I think will be forever ingrained into my mind. It's at readings like this that I wisht that I had a small audio recorder: my mind needs things written down immediately so as to not forget everything entirely.

This evening, I attended Craig Bartholomew's Inauguration Ceremony. The choir was, at one point, supposed to sing Beati for this, but we were squeezed out of programming. Shame. Seeing some people on stage made me remember something that my mom told me: when she took her philosophy course at Trinity Christian College, Justin Cooper and Jacob Ellens were both in her class, and her professor was Calvin Seerveld. Now that's a fun class, eh? Apparently the former two were the eager participants in the class....
Anyhow, I learned a new word tonight: Putative. I'm not sure if I know exaclty what it means, yet, as I have no dictionary. I'll check it out tomorrow. Fascinating speech by Craig, though I'm afraid a large portion of it went quite over my head (surprise). I was quite impressed that I could recognise several names that he threw out, and even that I could have a bit of back ground info on them. I'm not a complete lost cause, I think. Once again, I could've used an audio recorder. Anywho. I've exhausted my brain for the day.

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