Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My Inadvertant Career as a Model

While touring Britain for three weeks this past April, one of my dear companions took photo after photo of Sam, me, and the English/Welsh/Scottish countryside and cityscape. If he had his camera in his hand, chances are that he was taking pictures- even if the camera was behind his back. In May, he sent an email informing us that he was going to be putting on an art show in the Gallery at Redeemer, and would we give him permission to use pictures with us in them?
There's one of Jenn in the cloisters at Durham or Salisbury, I think, with the face being pretty much the focus of the picture. Oh, and one on the castle mound with Jenn way off to the left side and too tiny to really recognize.
I'm not quite so sure what I think of this yet, but of course I gave permission, I think he's a great photographer. However. The picture of me in the cloisters...sketchy. I don't think that I've ever seen myself look more confused in any other picture, and he's making it the focus of the picture? huh. Goes to show I'm not an artist.
Anyhow, the point of all of this is: The opening for Joel's show, British Isles Through The Digital Eye, is on Oct 22, this Friday evening at 7:30. I can't go, because I'll be enroute to Toronto to hear the Ely Cathedral Choir sing, but I encourage people to go and check it out- I've seen what he can do with his camera, and there's some beautiful shots!

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