Saturday, October 09, 2004

The trees in Hamilton are rapidly exchanging their various greens for the bright hues of yellow, red and orange. There is one yellow branch in the middle of the oak tree in our front yard that glows through the rest, as if it's on fire. A burning bush.
The drive along the 403 was magnificent at 9am this morning, the foliage along the road showing off brilliant colours while RobJ blasted his favourite Gloria.
East of Toronto, however, there is only a brownish-yellow and a green. I was rather looking forward to coming home and visiting the Frink Centre or the Presque'ille boarwalk with my family, trudging through the fallen leaves and admiring the leaves still clinging to the branches. It gives me hope, however, that come reading break, the leaves will most deifinitely be cashing in their chips in Gilmour. (I think that the perfect opportunity for Martin-crashing would be about that time.) Imagine, the whole of Gunter Lake reflecting those colours. Gliding a canoe across the still surface in the early morning, the fog lifting to reveal entire forests on fire with change. Forget Reading break, I want to go now!

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