Sunday, November 28, 2004

Green like Percy

I have been introduced to a whole new world of comparisons. At least with colours. For example, Christmas trees are green like Percy. My sweater is blue like Thomas. Laura's clock is red like James. If anyone (outside my family) actually knows right now what these references are to, I don't know whether to applaud you or block TVO and PBS from your chanel rotation.
I spent this past weekend with my whole family, which includes now the six of us (as it has for the past 21 years), two in-laws and a niece and a nephew. Reuben, my two year old nephew, has developed an obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine. Whereas most two year olds need a blankie and a teddy before going "night-night," my nephew needs his blankie and his two train engines, Thomas and Percy. He can even tell the difference between them in the dark because Thomas has three wheels on each side and Percy only has two. Smart boy.
We all learned quite a bit about Thomas and his friends this weekend, it's really amazing what a two year old can teach a room full of adults about trains! At one point, Reuben decided (while he was eating a cookie) that Percy had to sleep in Auntie Jenn's bed for a little bit. It was no surprise then (or at least, it shouldn't have been) that when Auntie Jenn went to bed, she found cookie crumbs on her bedspread, on her pillow, and under her pillow and under her sheets. Ah the joys.

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