Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It only takes a spark...

Have you ever noticed how much heat candles can produce? In the centre of our floor right now are nine canldes of various shapes and sizes. The aesthetic affect is actually quite beautiful, it looks rather artistic. However, with the house that we live in, the artistic look is the last reason that we're lighting these candles. Picture a Redeemer Dorm, one of the townhouses. Sitting at your desk, feeling a draft come through the wall... A furnace that is turned on, but not really emitting anything other than slightly-warmer-than-outside-but-still-colder-than-the-house air. Now, to the credit of our house, it has beautiful hardwood flooring. However when your house is in the condition that I have just described, the flooring really does only make it feel colder, if not actually make it colder in here. Not really wanting to fork out the cash for extrememly high gas bills, Kenny and I discovered the warmth of candles. Mind you, we do seem to be going through them quite quickly. (Donations are being accepted)
So here I sit, with the glow of the computer screen and nine candles lighting the room. As Kenny said, it's a good thing we know Jesus; otherwise we might be taken for being in a cult or having a seance.

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