Monday, November 08, 2004

Oh the inexplicable excitement of connecting two disciplines in a paper! We have entered the stage of Christian Philosophy that deals with the Postmodern and the like. Strangely enough, I am almost finding myself at home with the readings that we are required to do. I say almost because, as I have stated before, I will never be "at home" with the terms used in academic articles, and I will never pull a very complete understanding and meaning from the articles. However. I realized last week (though in actuality, I should have realized this last year first semester) that English and Philosophy currently overlap to a large extent.
I know the terms that we are discussing, and what is more, I can apply them to what I have read and studied. For instance, in Philosophy this past week we read about Derrida's deconstructionalism, the moving from metanarratives to mistrust of all narratives, the death of the author, and much more. These are all ideas and theories that I've already studied! I've read Fish, Hutcheon, Derrida, Foucault and more. The concepts of time and narrative can be exemplified in novels that I studied with Dr Bowen. I'm not in any literary criticism course, nor have I taken one, but Dr Bowen is fond of presenting these ideas and theories to her students in upper level courses, and I'm extremely fond of her for doing so! I'm no longer drowning, and it feels great to have a life preserve.

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