Sunday, November 21, 2004

Oh the weather outside is ...frightful...?

Cousin John had a calendar in First year that gave him advice every day. One day, the advice read, "Never fall in love with someone who doesn't get excited by the first snowfall." If people went by that rule, I don't think that there would be too many people falling in love.
It seems to me that I don't know many people who could qualify as "typical" Canadians. What's the greatest stereotype of Canadians? That we all live in Igloos and love winter and all things snowy. Funny. I have very few friends who love (or even remotely like) winter, and less who tolerate snow past the first snowfall. What is it about winter that people despise so much?
I will be the first to admit that I'm not a huge fan of summer, but I will concede that it has benefits. For example, going swimming and waterskiing, playing beach volleyball, rollerblading by the bay, having barbeques and bonfires, going camping, and the list could go on. I don't like the stifling 30degree heat with humidity rising at 98%, I feel as if I could suffocate in that kind of weather. However, I don't think that I would like to do away with the season all together. Why do so many want to do away with winter all together?
Granted, cold temperatures and snow are not the best for car owners. This time of year requires many to plug in their cars overnight and go out early in the morning to remove snow from the driveway and the surface of their cars. But does *no one* else enjoy shovelling snow?! I can't be all alone in this aspect.
Think about the simple pleasures of winter. It's a warm (-2degrees) January night and it's not dark out because there is so much snow floating down that a blue-ish orange-ish light is reflected everywhich way. The flakes are clumped together and as they float they grow in size, collecting other clumps of snow. As they land on the branches of trees, they make soft noises of settling down. If you take a step or two, you can hear the freash snow squeak and crunch under your boots. There are snow drifts just the right size to fall back into; it's a surprisingly soft and gentle landing. If you look up into the sky, you can get the feeling of being in a snow globe. The flakes create a mezmorising and random sight; it is so quiet that the only noise heard is the tinkling of the snow. It lands softly on your cheeks, nose and lips and melts within seconds. The only thought going through your mind seems to be: "what I wouldn't give to be on the beach right now, in 30 degree weather!"
Insanity. That's what I label it as. I'm sorry, I've tried to understand the position of those who dislike winter, but I've not yet been sucessful. How can you not be excited about the first snow fall? Or the second or the third? How can you write off winter without even attempting to acknowledge the magnificent creation of snow and the way that it changes the world?
And please: if you don't like snow, don't be too quick to rain on the snowmen of those of us who like it: while we don't live in igloos, we do live in a country that is prone to recieving large amounts of snow in the winter. I'd rather be living in a state of excitement about snow and winter than live in a state of depression due to the dreary cold weather for four months. If it's too cold for you, go put on an extra sweater.

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