Saturday, December 11, 2004

I am not Martha Stewart.

Now I know that may come as a surprise to some of you who have seen the pristine condition in which I keep my room, but yes, alas, 'tis true! Along with the ladies of the Sugar Shack, I decorated my *own* house for Christmas and planned my *own* Christmas party, both for the first time! The Christmas tree, as lovely as it is, did not come from the back yard. If I was on top of things when I moved in back in May, I suppose I would have planted a sapling and fed it "miracle grow" all season and then gone out to chop it down. But I wasn't really thinking. Anyhow, the decorations were bought at Canadian Tire, since I left my glass blower and wood carving tools at home in Belleville. Again, must not have been thinking! The boughs of branches on the wall are in fact, tied together with store-bought ribbon, though I did make the bow myself.
Anyhow, I had as much fun preparing for our soiree as I did socialising at the soiree! I love to bake, when I know that it will be appreciated. And as experience has told me, the gentlemen tend to appreciate the baking just that much more than the women (sorry ladies, but it's true). So, bake I did. Cinnamon sticky buns, a cinnamon bun wreath, a pudding trifle... the ladies also did some excellent baking to fill the table. It smelled quite spectacular in our house, but I might say that it was a bit of torture not being able to eat the food...
The kitchen was decorated as best as it could, and we tried to disguise the fact that it was a lowly townhouse with icicle lights and candles (nope, we didn't make the candles ourselves, either. Martha really would be disappointed!).
People arrived, and after a while we really were one big happy family... games played, food eaten, some wine corks popped... when all 23 had arrived, we pushed ahead with our gift exchange, which I must say, really was a blast. Ducks, frogs, Lindors and Bailey's flew across the room from hand to hand to hand, and some good friendships were both made and lost as the presents traded hands. After all was said and done, we did indeed watch "It's a Wonderful Life," with my hero Jimmy Stewart, and herded all out the doors by 3:30am. Oh what a night!
Now as I said, I'm no Martha Stewart, but if I might express a guilty secret, come Christmas time I sometimes wish I was. I mean, there's only so much credit one can take for things bought in a parking lot or superstore, you know? ;)
My favourite part of the evening was, without a doubt, all of these friends in one room, some knowing eachother for several years, some meeting for the first time, but all having a blast. I love my friends!

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