Monday, December 27, 2004

In sickness and in health...

Why is it that sickness seems to descend so rapidly onto those in their vacations? Last Christmas, I remember feeling very ill, but the only reason why it bothered me so much was because I was scared that they wouldn't let me fly to England if I was sick. This year, just 24 hours after I arrived at home for the holidays, I could feel that twinge in the back of my throat and felt the fuzzy feeling in my head growing stronger. I napped for five hours one afternoon, and proceeded to sleep for another 10 hours that night. (I suppose that sleeping could have also resulted from my lack of sleep the night before...well, the 1.5 hours...) Although my body-rattling cough would seem to suggest otherwise, I currently feel fabulous. Which I'm very excited about, of course, because besides the fact that being sick is generally no fun, we're having our family Christmas tomorrow evening, and those kind of nights are always more fun when you aren't collapsed in a heap on the living room floor.
My sister-in-law, Sarah, has the incredible misfortune to be sick also at the moment, and I feel rather badly for her. I'm sick, and that sucks for me. However, it's just me. She has another one dependent on her, my little niece Nadine, so it makes the whole situation a little more sour. Not only is it very tiring for her to be sick, but they're still up in Exeter with her family, and have a 4.5 hour drive ahead of them to come here for the Van Breda Christmas. That's nothing exciting to look forward to. My brother David is a working man, and as such, his holidays end on Wednesday, so he must return to Grand Rapids. I do hope and pray that existing sickness and fevers subside so that we can all get together this Christmas-- it would be rather a shame if we couldn't, because both Dave and I are planning to be in Japan next year at this time. Sigh.

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