Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Scholarly Bunch

Last night I had the pleasure to accompany a fine group of folks to Roy Thompsen Hall for a fine taste of musical delicacies. BVO described it pretty well on his site, I'm not sure that I can do better.
We took our seats last night (on the balcony, of course) only to look down and gaze upon a bare stage, with the exception of five music stands set up in a small semi-circle and on in front for the director. The bell dinged, the lights went down, and eight Tallis Scholars clad in black took their places at their respective stands. They took up so little space on the stage, but even their first clear notes and perfect tones of O magnum mysterium swelled to easily fill the whole of the Hall. It was beauty manifest in sound. A particular highlight was when the sopranos and altos left the stage and the men sang a piece on their own. I'm not sure as the the title of their piece, but there is something about the harmonies of all male voices that can't be captured in anything that women will ever be able to sing.
As to the Scholars as a whole, there was not a singer who sang louder, had better pitch, or had cleaner tones than the others. The blended so well together that they might have just been one voice split into seven parts. A fantastic evening.
Incedentally, I skipped my last Missions class of the year, but I'd more than do that again in a heartbeat to have another evening such as this.

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