Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Once more unto the breeches

Thus begins my eighth and final semester at Redeemer University College. I've heard people talk about what's commonly called "the senior itch" to finish school and graduate. I can't identify with that at the moment. I like my classes, I like my profs, I like my housemates and I like my house, I like my friends, I like my church, I like not working. The only thing that perhaps I do not like is Redeemer's Admin, but I've put up with that for three and a half years, so really, what's another four months. I don't want to leave here yet. I don't want to be in the real world. I'm enjoying the student life.
I spent the most of Monday and Tuesday with the Shack to myself, which was actually quite enjoyable. What with all of the activity at home, it was nice to have a bit of solitude. My roommate returned in the afternoon yesterday, and we had some quality hang out time. Two weeks is too long to go without my Kenny! The Tower usurped the Shack for a games night, so I went there and bruised my hands wonderfully whilst playing spoons, and upon return to the Shack, all of my lovely ladies were home! How grand it is to see everyone once again.
Here's to another semester at Redeemer.

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