Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A teller of tales

It was my role in high school to be theatrical. I don't mean that I was known for my dramatic over reactions (although anyone who had debated with me could tell you that I was prone to those as well), but I was in, and was expected to be in, every mainstage play at QCHS. Mainstage plays aren't so mainstage when there are only eighty-three or one hundred and three students in the school. At any rate, it was what I did, and I was comfortable doing it within that setting. I spent weekday afternoons from January to May learning lines, blocking scenes, doing improv skits and generally goofing off with the others in the plays. Performances were nerve-wracking, but always huge rushes to the system.
Here at Redeemer, I tried out for the mainstage in first year, "Twelfth Night," didn't make it in, and never tried out for another play again. I just returned home from my first theatre class here at RUC, "The Art of Storytelling" or something like that. It's proven to be three hours of laughs and good times thus far, and I'm very hopeful about the semester as a whole. However. There are several assignments that require us to stand up in front of the class and tell stories, starting at 2.5 min and gradually leading up to a 20 min performance at the end of the semester. This scares me. It's not a scary class, I recognize most people, and have some good friends in it. However, the fact is, (besides the play in England) I haven't done performing of any sort since the end of gr 12. And then it was easy, I knew the director really well, and knew all of the other actors. Best of all, I was in costume. I was presenting another persona that was accompanied by the wigs, the various costumes and different manners of speech. Story telling in front of the class involves me standing in front of 20 some Redeemer students, telling my story. It's a little exposing.

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