Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Beam me up, O'Brien!

It's official: my friends are geeks. And by mere association, they have made me a geek as well. Kenny and Nathan have (within the past three months) sought to undertake the project of watching the entirity of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, seasons one to seven. Kenny tells me that there are twenty-four episodes per season, and they have thus far managed to watch around thirty. So, I often come home to find the two in the basement or in the livingroom watching the latest antics of Jean-Luc and his crew... and more often than not, especially now, I sit down and join them.
I think that I myself have watched probably eight or ten episodes from the first season, and close to five or six of the second season, which we (see, I'm one of them now) are currently on.
I can't help myself. When they're watching, I must watch. Last night, I found myself complaining that Jean-Luc should get rid of the new Dr and get Dr Crusher back (which I know will happen in a later episode somewhere down the line). Most of all, though, I watch the show because of Data. Without fail, Data makes the show for me. He's hilarious, he's the comic relief in the show, he's more often than not also the hero of the episode. I haven't yet gone so far as to watch an episode when Kenny or Nathan has not initiated the viewing, so I don't think that I'm completely gone. I may be a geek, but I'm not a Trekkie. Yet.

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