Friday, February 11, 2005

LOST: Three years

I somehow lost three years yesterday. I'm not sure how one goes about doing that: it's not as if it was a five dollar bill that fell out of my pocket when I reached for something else, and I'm pretty sure I didn't just randomly misplace it. But I did lose it.
Yesterday as I was halfway through my Lewis and Tolkien class, I glanced down at my notes and read the date that I had written on the page: February 10/08. some would say that Sam and Gollum are part of Frodo, as Jesus and the Spirit are part of God... 10/08?? February 10, 2008? I could understand perhaps if I had written February 10/2004: that would make sense. Just stepping back a few months. But jumping forward three years? Seems a little rash, if you ask me. I showed Joel the date that I had written, and he, in turn, showed me the date that he had written in Abnormal Psyc that morning: February 10, 1999. Something there is that doesn't like February 10/2005. huh.

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