Saturday, February 12, 2005

Old faces, ...old places

Yesterday as I was wandering around our local Shopper's Drug Mart looking for a battery for my camera, I was almost run over by a young woman navigating her shopping cart around the corner. I appoligised, stepped aside, and then stopped.
Huh. Fancy that! It was one of my dormmates from first year, Ms Melanie Dagliesh. This week, it's been exactly three years since I've seen her: she dropped out of school part way through second semester, moved out during reading break when we were all gone and I haven't seen her since. It was a rather strange situation, living with Mel, which also made bumping into her a strange situation. After I chatted with her for a few minutes, she says,
"I'm sorry, I know I'm supposed to know you from somewhere....but I don't know who you are."
Yup. That's Mel, alright.

Dr Loney (whom I have recently decided is my hero: what a fantastic professor!) is by now in England, wandering the streets of my former home town. Earlier in the week, he told Joel and Sam and I that we really should just come along with him.... if only! My jealousy is overwhelming. We toyed with the idea of flying to England standby...but I have promises to keep, and many miles to go before I England... specifically, choir tour.

We leave at noon for our glorious little tour, we have a concert in Strathroy this evening and we sing at their church in the morning on Sunday. For Sunday evening, we shall be making our way to Chatham for the evening service at First CRC, after which I will be bunking at my dear cousin's (Art and Marsha's) house. This I am greatly looking forward to. A concert at Chatham Christian High, where John VanPelt, former QCHS teacher, is principle, will happen Monday morning. Barrie's the next stop, where we'll sing with the Barrie Christian High, all 18 of 'em, and then to Whitby, where we've got a concert on Tuesday night. And my sister shall be there!!!

So, a genuinely exciting four days coming up, especially since I'm the head of the garbage/lost and found committee. I can't wait for that part... Tata, all! Cheers!

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